The Healing Peace Place

Cher Mang
(Siri Ravi Kaur)
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

4 Universal Laws to Live By

LAW OF GRATITUDE:  You have heard it many times that an attitude of gratitude has the power to get you realizing your dreams at record speed.  Why?  Because gratitude completes the cycle of knowing.  Remember, you cannot know what is without knowing what is not. What you like and what you hate are two ends of the same thing. For example, if you like being with your spouse and hate being separated from him/her, realize that you are working within the same essence, which is your spouse. It is because of the moments of absence that you appreciate and recognize the moments of presence. When you are grateful for both what you like and what you don’t like, you complete the knowingness and you are released from having to experience what you don’t like.  This cannot be explained logically, but some very significant shifts occur in your mind and soul (and you can feel this releasing shift) whenever you are genuinely grateful for all things, even the ones you don’t like. Gratitude will speed you through your growth and success more than any amount of hard work ever can.  Gratitude completes the lesson, and as a statement of completion rings that tone of success, pulling to you the end result desired.  Another way to put it is that you cannot leave a situation permanently unless you appreciate the gifts it brings you, and all situations bring a gift, no matter how terrible the situation may appear to be. This law ensures that you will always complete your knowing and embrace all that is before moving on.

LAW OF ATTRACTION:  This law states that you attract whatever you put your attention to.  The point of this law is to establish the creative power of thought. Whatever you put in your conscious or subconscious mind, you attract into your experience. This law is very much tied to the law of cause and effect. It is the law that establishes you as a being made in the image and likeness of the Creator, with a mind that possesses the same creative properties Before you learn that you indeed have this power, your mind will wonder  and raise many thoughts, some of which conflict and attack you. At this level, things such as doubt and preferences exist, for you do not think you are responsible and powerful enough to be the creator of your reality. As you watch your life and begin to see the link between your thoughts and your experiences, you become a deliberate thinker, and you no longer think negative, doubt, or even have preferences. Finally, you create purely by extension of your thought without doubt or conflict. This law ensures that one way or another, you will get to that point.

LAW OF CAUSE & EFFECT (aka Karma):  This is easy to see its use.  It simply shows you that you are an active part of All  That Is, that your will has effect. As you grow, you begin to see the link between your thoughts, words, and actions with your reality.  This leads to responsibility and increased power and care. This law ensures that through this process you come to eventually know yourself as a sovereign creator. It is a gentle law that lets you build your own evidence, for whatever you believe you will see as truth, until the day you step aside and notice this link. At this point you become a Deliberate Creator.

LAW OF LOVE:  Love is the building block of all things.  Love is energy.  Love is not just some mushy feeling.  It is energy, the actual building material of all things.  It is an actual substance; in fact it is the only substance that exists, taking on the appearance of many forms.  Love is also acceptance.  It is acknowledging that All Things Are One. That is acceptance. The law of love ensures that you see this truth. You cannot leave an experience permanently unless you exit with love and acceptance. That is why people tend to keep repeating the same types of experiences until the day they stop hating and fighting it and instead embrace it with love and see what the situation holds for them, and heal it with love.  This could be a money, health, or relationship issue.  It doesn’t matter.  You cannot leave a situation permanently until you exit it with love.  You can’t permanently get rid of what you hate; you can only leave it or transform it through love.  This law ensures that you recognize the truth of unity and drop the illusions of separation.

(Source: unknown)