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Cher Mang
(Siri Ravi Kaur)
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

Cher Mang (Siri Ravi Kaur)

Cher is a practitioner of the Healing Arts, a KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga, as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, Karuna Reiki Master and a Holographic Sound Healer.  In addition, she has practiced yoga for over 20 years and several years ago she became acquainted with the ancient instrument, the Gong.  Ever since, she has shared the gift of love of her gong in live meditations and baths throughout Orange County.  As a spiritual channel, she has been communicating with Spirit since 2005.  Cher also spent 37 years working in the health field as a registered nurse, which has given her extensive experience in helping and healing her patients, as well as a deep sense of compassion and connection to the human spirit.  Her desire now is to help others connect with the Divine being that they truly are so that they may live their life in truth, light and love.

She uses those gifts now as she weaves the tapestry of dance between the human mind, body & soul through her work in teaching and helping others awaken to their higher consciousness, encouraging the natural process of growth and increased awareness.  It is through this elevated awareness that one can tap into the Divinity that exists within, bringing about beneficial lifestyle changes that encourage the natural flow of energy.

Cher accomplishes this through her passion to serve the universe as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, sharing the vibrations of the sacred Gong, and working with the healing energies of Reiki.  Her other services include spirit readings, chakra balancing and house blessings.  She also carries within her a feeling of deep concert with Mother Earth.

Cher is dedicated in her work and connection to spirit, thereby bringing peace and healing to her clients, their families and the entire planet.

Spiritual Education & Training:

Karuna Reiki Master – Mission Viejo, CA

Reiki Master Teacher – Santa Ana, CA

Kundalini Yoga Instructor – taught by 7th Chakra Yoga in Huntington Beach & Yoga West in LA

> (a 220-hour Teacher Training Certification Program)

Holographic Sound Healer

Sacred Gong Workshop – 7th Chakra Yoga in Huntington Beach

James Van Praagh 3-Day Workshop – Intuitive & Mediumship Empowerment – Mission Viejo, CA

Charles Virtue Mediumship Workshop – Laguna Beach, CA

Charles Virtue ATP® Certified Angel Practitioner – Laguna Beach, CA

Charles Virtue AATP® Advanced Angel Practitoner – Laguna Beach, CA

Lisa Williams Mediumship Workshop, Santa Monica, CA

Jai Dev Singh Kundalini Yoga & Ayurveda Immersion Retreat – Nevada City, CA

Jai Dev Singh The Radiant Body Workshop

Sat Nam Fest – Joshua Tree & Malibu Canyon, CA

Spiritual Retreat with Solar An Ra – 11/11/11 Sedona, AZ (Healing Energies for Mother Earth)

Spiritual Retreat with El Harrington – 12/12/12 Kauai, HI (Sacred Vortex Sites)

I Can Do It Conference by Louise Hay – Pasadena, CA

Celebrate Your Life Spiritual Conference – Scottsdale, AZ

The Dagara Grief Ritual by Sobonfu Some’ – Laguna Beach, CA

Attended Mini Workshops by Leading Spiritual Teachers:

Deepak Chopra, James Van Praagh, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, John Holland, Brian Weiss, Neil Donald Walsh, Louise Hay, Lisa Williams, Joe Dispenza, Panache Desai, Gregg Braden, Denise Lynn

Organization Memberships:

International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association

3HO – Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization

Where to Find Me:

Cher Mang | Direct: (949) 244-0718 | Email: | Laguna Niguel, CA

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