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Homage to a Birch Tree

IMG_1737Last week I had a birch tree in my front yard removed.  I had been watching, helplessly, as it quickly deteriorated over the past 6 weeks or so.  As the story unfolded, there was nothing to be done to save it.  First I thought it was due to the drought and feelings of guilt emerged, until it was discovered that it was badly diseased, infected with mites and birch beetles.  Nothing could be done!  It needed to be removed.

It was, and still is, hard to believe. This beautiful, vibrant, white birch tree had been here since I moved in.  It had shaded my front yard for all these years, and it’s graceful limbs had danced in the winds and housed a family of blue birds, hummingbirds and even an occasional hawk!  This tree was part of me, my home, and yet, I was advised to just cut it down.  It made no sense, so quickly it all unraveled. I know in my heart this tree was as alive of a spirit as I am.  She stood watch over me and blessed my house with grace and dignity, and I was going to miss her and the life she brought to my yard.

As always, after the surprise of a new situation softens, one begins to look at the new life change with a broader, and hopefully a more, open heart.  This sweet tree had worked so hard to shelter my yard, bless us and many creatures, and now her work was done.  It was time for her spirit to move on, to begin the journey on, and we must learn to adapt to the change.

Slowly, the realization comes that you cannot hold tightly on to something that needs to transition forward.  We must let go.  And so we have!  With tears and sprinkles of lavender and words of gratitude, I said goodbye to my sweet tree spirit and let her go.  Now, I am reluctantly trying to turn the page, allowing a new chapter to emerge for my sweet home.  Perhaps a new tree – maybe an avocado tree should be planted now, not to take the place of the birch tree, but rather to allow a new tree “Being” to grow and blossom in the love and the peace that the birch has left behind.  It must be so!  In the loss of one comes the awakening and beginning of another.

How many times in life is this true of many experiences, not a tree, but maybe a relationship, a job or an out-dated belief or feeling?  There must be an ending in order for there to be a new beginning – perhaps a change for the better, for growth and transformation to a higher path.  Surely, this is to be watched for in our lives and, when possible, we too, as the birch tree, must journey on, never forgetting the old, but rather blossoming in the love and peace left behind.




3 Responses

  1. Becky says:

    Hi Goofy. This is what I need right now. Lots of new changes going on and I feel ready for them. Take care.

  2. Sonia Gordon says:

    Thank you for that sweet reminder! Everything has it’s time, and now is one for opening to new growth!

  3. Little sister says:

    So beautiful a reminder of the cycle of life and the lessons weaved throughout… Thank you dear sister, for sharing, as always so eloquently… Love to you, and the spirit of the beautiful birch tree!
    Sat Nam,

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