The Healing Peace Place

Cher Mang
(Siri Ravi Kaur)
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

House Blessings

Smudging wFeathersWhat is a House Blessing:

A House Blessing is a sacred gift to you, your family and your home.  Your home is an extension, a reflection of those that dwell within.  As time goes on, the inhabitants begin to put their very imprint on the consciousness of the home itself.  The actual structure and the immediate outdoor surroundings can be impacted by the emotions and actions of the family, through good times & challenging times.

To keep the living spaces in an atmosphere that supports the highest good of those that live there, periodic House Cleansings and Blessings are of great benefit.  The House Cleansing & Blessing “clears the air“, so to speak.  Many times in our lives, we go through periods of transition or adjustment.  Some of life’s changes may be thought of in a positive light and some may be thought of in a more challenging light.  While each has it’s place and serves it’s purpose in our lives, how we respond and how we re-group and move on can sometimes make a difference in how our life is impacted.

The House Blessing is an opportunity to remove energies that do not support the highest good and growth of those involved.  It is in ridding a living space of stagnant or less than desirable energy, that the opportunity exists to allow fresh, free-flowing, positive energy into your home and surroundings.  It is a chance to set the tone and intention for the home to support the inhabitants in an atmosphere of light, love, peace, harmony and new life.  The “nest” becomes the place of safety, refuge & well-being for all.

Rest assured, the home itself is as grateful for the opportunity of a “fresh start” as the dwellers are.  As the divine balance is restored, the flow of life can continue for the highest good of those who live there.

Examples of When House Blessings/Cleansings can be Performed:

Purchase of a New Home (new, fresh energy)
After a Divorce (clear old energy)
New Job (positive energy for new start)
After an Illness (remove thick, heavy energy)
A New Baby (new energy for a new life)
Someone Dies (clear space/helps the soul release and move to the light)
Celebrate a Wedding (allows flow for fresh beginnings)
Feeling Stuck? (helps dissolve blocks)

How I Perform a House Blessing:

The greatest gift I bring to a House Blessing is my intention to serve the Universe for the purest and greatest needs of the family that lives there.  Having prepared myself spiritually to serve, allows the necessary energy and light to come through me, from the Universal light and love, to be delivered to the participants and the home and surroundings.

With the intentions set in light, the area can be cleared and cleansed of that which no longer supports the highest good of the family.  Once the cleansing is complete, the intention of refilling the home with higher vibrating energy begins.

While each home, situation and circumstance is a little different, how I perform a House Blessing has a basic pattern.

  • The first few minutes can be spent talking with the family about any special needs or requests.
  • Then the process of clearing begins and may include:
    • opening of windows
    • sensing the existing energy in the rooms and general atmosphere
    • the setting of intentions
  • Healing music, prayers and/or sacred mantras may also be used.
  • I rely on the guidance from the Universal light and will adjust accordingly to achieve the greatest and purest effect.
  • Once the energy has been felt to have shifted, the intention will be set on allowing higher vibrational energy to once again be present.
  • Also during this time, I may use prayers, crystals and/or sacred chants to be of the highest intention.
  • The burning of white sage, an ancient tradition of purification & elevation, will be used in the rooms (and for family & pets as desired).

Each House Blessing is custom designed for the best possible outcome for the family.  Again, I stress the importance of the intentions for all involved to restore light, peace and harmony to the home.  With a prayer of gratitute for the opportunity to serve, the ritual is complete.


Price: $111.00

*Locations beyond 10 miles of Laguna Niguel may be charged an additional travel cost.