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Live Gong Meditations

Cher wGongI was first introduced to the gong while at a retreat for my training in Kundalini Yoga.  All of us students were spending the weekend with our teachers in a house on the beach in San Diego.  We could hear the sound of the waves against the shore as we studied, learned and practiced our meditation together.  It was a beautiful experience.

One evening we were to learn about the gong and as we all relaxed on the floor, our teacher played a tape where Yogi Bhajan discusses and plays the gong.  As I laid there and the gong playing started, I began to cry tears of joy, release, hope and everything in between.  I loved the sound I heard and the vibrations that seemed to be felt in every cell and tissue of my being.  I had never felt anything as pure as that in my life.  I am not sure how else to explain it, other than such a loving, healing presence.

My Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training continued, as did my appreciation for the gong and it’s myriad of benefits.  I am grateful for the gift of gong in my life and am excited each time I get to share it with others, dreaming that the healing that comes to one through gong meditation will ripple and echo throughout the Planet.

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