The Healing Peace Place

Cher Mang
(Siri Ravi Kaur)
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

Spirit Readings

colorful sunsetThank you for expressing an interest in having a reading with me.  I have been working with guidance and love from the angels since 2005.  I incorporate the connection with these benevolent beings to bring a unique approach to my readings, serving spirit with much love and heart felt compassion and understanding for my clients.

I am available by appointment, either in person, over the phone or via email.  Please call or email me to schedule your private session.

About Your Reading:

Using a deck of sacred angel cards or spirit cards, I will bring the guidance of these higher beings to you, acting as a bridge between you and the angelic spirit realm.  You may have a particular question or situation that you would like to have some guidance with.  While keeping the intention to serve pure, and of the highest good for all, together we will ask and listen for the gentle voices of those beings who love us and protect us, and who are always with us.  Please join me to experience the joy of realizing the truth that exists and is available to all.

4 Things You Should Know About Your Reading Experience:

1. Prepare yourself before your reading to come to a place of open and pure intention for your highest good.  Sit quietly by yourself to center your thoughts and intentions and visualize yourself in a space surrounded by love and light.

2. Keep the time spent during the reading as sacred, an opportunity for you to sit with the guidance of helpful, loving Beings.

3. After your reading is another good time to sit quietly and reflect on what information you have heard and to journal about it so you may reference it at a later date.

4. Be in a space of gratitude for the gift of love from the angelic realm.

Other Ways to Communicate With Spirit:

Communicating with Spirit through the use of a Pendulum



$75.00 for a private reading  (Note: I am no longer taking new clients at this time)


* Locations beyond 20 miles of Laguna Niguel may be charged an additional travel cost.


Disclaimer:  Please be advised that these readings are for guidance and entertainment only and are not to be considered as medical, financial, psychological or legal fact or advice.  When necessary, you should always seek the advice of a situation-specific professional.  Any actions you decide to take with information you are given during a reading is your personal choice and responsibility.