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Mermaid Tears – Things of Beauty or Lessons in Life?

BeachI went to the beach yesterday to set up “office”, hoping to be inspired by the beauty and energy of big waves from a hurricane 1000 miles off the coast.  I eagerly pulled in the parking lot of our favorite, local Aliso Creek Beach, shocked by what I found.

My plan was to collect mermaid tears for awhile, assuming generous, rare specimens would be patiently waiting for me, dropped down by the ever-kind Grandmother Ocean.  But, “my” beach was gone, or at least had no resemblance of the place I had played for the last 12 years.  The site of my recent, sweet, barefoot-at-the-beach wedding – gone.  The scene of the infamous 4th of July rogue wave wipe-out – gone.  The sand – gone.  The shoreline – gone.  What I had come to know as a day at the beach – gone.

Instead, I found throngs of people, lifeguards, police and camera people, all having come to witness the magnificent power of Mother Earth.  Quickly, I forgot the mermaid tears and joining the collective mass, started taking pictures with my phone.  Not believing what I was seeing and hearing, as the waves thunderously crashed onto the new beach wall, I felt my heart race at both the thrill and amazement of the unbridled energy.  The waves were bigger than I had ever seen in my time here and to the California “lifers” as well.  The noise near the edge was deafening.  Truly, I had hit the jackpot, this was a gift to be witness to such a show of strength and force.

I continued to watch and photograph, with a measly attempt to video, and slowly, quietly, like a thief in the night, the real gift and lesson began to unravel in my very soul.  What had Mother Earth, through the instrument of Grandmother Ocean, done?  She had changed the well-known landscape forever.  Certainly, it will all be rebuilt and reconditioned in the days to come, but what we had, was gone, forever to be changed.  Perhaps herein lies the link, or one of them, between myself and the Universe.

How many times in life had things been changed, unrecognizably altered forever.  Sometimes little waves of change, and sometimes much bigger waves of change.  These waves wear many disguises – the loss of a loved one, the move to another state, the loss of a job, or even the other side of the spectrum a marriage, a birth or a new diagnosis.  The key to surviving these waves of life is adaptability, flexibility and the ability to seek and find an attitude adjustment, when necessary.  We must rebuild, replenish and seek new ground, just as the beach will re-appear.  Perhaps this seems to be no task for the weak of heart, but with humility, willingness and the kindness of light beings, both on this Earth plane and in spirit form, surely we can propel ourselves forward during these times of changes, maybe slowly at first, until we gain the momentum to go full speed ahead, helping others in our path and journey.

Isn’t is true that the Universe sings to us, to help those we find who have just survived a changing wave, helping them to chart their new course, and one day the gift will return to us in our hour of need?  I think so!  I believe so!  I will live as if it is so!

So, for now mermaid tears and their lessons?  That will follow in the coming days, when I can once again mindlessly roam the seashore.  Today Mother Earth granted me another vision, and I am very, very grateful.  In peace and light.

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  1. Angie says:

    As I sit here on the beach myself basking in the Glory of Mother Eatth and contemplating your poignant words, I am touched and Infinitely grateful for the magnitude of gifts the Universe has brought to me in the form of change… Incredible lessons for the mind, body and soul! Wahe guru!

  2. Carol says:

    You are an amazing author! Thank you for your beautiful thoughts, wisdom and lesson to help me on my new path in life. I’m grateful to know you.

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