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Cher Mang
(Siri Ravi Kaur)
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

Reiki Energy Healing

I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher.  During my Reiki healing session, I use pure intention for the highest good of the client to connect to the universal energy that exists for the healing.  Often times, to aid in that healing process, I utilized various crystals and their particular vibration for additional benefit.  I will also work with your major energy points (your chakras) in your body to determine which areas need the healing energy work.

So how did I get started?  I discovered Reiki after a vivid dream directing me to begin to seek, discover and learn about alternative modalities of healing work.  I listened to the message, as it was given in a very definitive manner, so I began to look around.  I had never heard of Reiki and actually did not even know what I was “looking for”, but trusted my feelings as the dream was so clear and concise.

One day as I listened to a mini-lecture by a Reiki Master Teacher as to what it was and how it worked, I felt an immediate connection and desire to learn more.  I just “knew” it was something for me to participate in.  Very soon thereafter, I signed up for my Reiki I class, and it was during that class that I humbly realized the gifts and blessings of this amazing universe, and my tiny part in it.  Understanding in the depth of my heart that this universe was as alive as I am, I clearly began to understand that it was my duty, my path, to learn all that I could to help in any and all ways that I could find.  My life really changed that day, as the journey of my spiritual self began so quietly in a Reiki I class, and I never looked back.

I met many amazing people in that class, all ages, even one sweet lady in her 70’s, and as we took the journey together, it became apparent to me of the love at the core of all human beings for each other, for our precious Earth, and for all creatures.  This picture of humanity has not changed for me as time has passed.  I have come to realize we all want the same things in life – love, security, health and safety.  There are simply many ways to go about finding them.

For me, Reiki gave me the greatest connection, awareness and hope that I can help another human being, another creature or tree, even Gaia, the essence of Mother Earth herself.  As my training continued through to Reiki Master, my conviction continued to grow.  I feel it today as strongly as the first day it popped into my very soul.  I will not stop trying to make a difference to any and all.  It is what I am truly here to do.

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$75.00 for a 45-60 minute Reiki energy healing session at my location only.