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Super Blue Blood  Moon Phases

Super Blue Blood Moon – 1/31/2018

Super Blue Blood MoonThis week holds the great possibility of being an auspicious time for each of us to remember the vastness within, and the vastness connecting us to all beings.  As the full moon approaches on Wednesday, be aware of the energy of love and balance she brings, as she dances with us as a Super Blood Moon AND a Blue Moon.  Our precious Moyla the Moon brings us further gifts as she eclipses, creating an energetic communion with her, allowing us to bask in the vastness of “One” – as above, so below.

Please use this week to enhance, commit to, and/or simply appreciate this communion between all beings, all creatures – known an unknown.  Unleash the bridled joy that slumbers within – and remember who you are . . . a radiant beam of light!  Feel the passion and the bliss that follows the surrenderance to your Sat Nam – your truth!  Be with the moon, dance with the moon, sing, meditate, pray, walk – whatever, but please reconnect . . . she is waiting.

Special NoteThe Full Moon comes in Wednesday 1/31, with the eclipse occurring in the early morning hours.  From our location here in SoCal, it seems we may have partial visibility of the eclipse – sometime between 4:51am-6:08am PST.  Read and learn more for yourself as I am no expert in this field, and if possible, arrange your schedule (and sleep) to participate in this sacred event.  If nothing else, become aware and “listen” as Moyla softly whispers your name – calling you!

Dancing with joy . . . Cher (Siri Ravi Kaur)


For more information about the Super Blue Blood Moon – click here to read this article.

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