The Healing Peace Place

Cher Mang
(Siri Ravi Kaur)
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

Surrender . . . . . If You Dare!

So many times in life I have tried to micro-manage things, sometimes everything, and when the circumstances don’t work out as I thought they would, I scratch my head and whisper “why”?  Perhaps in what is divine timing, I am realizing my job on this Earth plane is not to try to micro-manage (control) anything and everything, but rather to surrender to the flow of life, the higher good of divine intervention.

Me?  Surrender?  Let go and let it flow?  Can I do it?  Is it possible?  And then I remembered a story about my Mom, Pearl.  She was afraid of the water, did not know how to swim.  Therefore, thankfully my brothers and I became avid swimmers, loving to be in any kind of water at an early age.  We did our best to help Mom not be so afraid of the water, teaching her to manage herself enough to be comfortable in the backyard pool.  However, try as we might, we could never teach her to float on her back, never!  We tried every approach and would say, “just put your head back and the rest of your body will just come up and start floating”.  We repeated this as a sacred mantra over and over again, and most of the time it never worked.  There would be nervous laughter and giggles with Mom proclaiming “I can’t!”.  But we would try again, repeatedly, with a glimmer of hope of seeing her actually resting horizontally on the water sometime, confidently we hoped.

So it goes for me – just put my head back and rest in the truth of divine timing and divine intervention, and the rest of me can float, the rest of my needs will be taken care of for my highest good.  No questions asked – just a trusting, open heart to the truth.  For me, as Mom, I shall repeat this as a sacred mantra over and over, until one day, hopefully soon, I float, truly surrendering to the higher powers!

I await that day with a song in my heart.  And now I ask you to consider the path too, and surrender to that higher consciousness of the divine universe that resides within you!  In peace and light to all.

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