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Sharing Friends

The Gift in Sharing

Sharing FriendsRecently I had breakfast with 2 dear friends, sisters of the soul, companions, comrades in the journey of life – so many words to describe what is slowly unraveling for us all.  Sitting outdoors in the shade, sipping a lavender chai tea latte, we reconnected, shared and caught up after several months absence from each other.

The time away did not matter, though.  The seeds planted by the universe a few years ago re-sprouted for this group, brought together by most unusual circumstances of chance happenstance.  Remembering how we all first met and became acquainted, even now, brings a smile to my face, all the doing of the universe.  We three, simply pawns on a chess board.  Three distinctively different personalities with past careers and lives as varied as the endless shades of green, yet so easily and eagerly listening to each other as we shared the trials and triumphs of being alive at this time in the evolution of humanity, and of ourselves.

Rediscovering ourselves, reinventing ourselves, even remembering who we are, quietly became the focus of our morning together.  No one judging the other, but rather inspiring, encouraging, helping each to think and see from a different angle, a new perspective, a fresh paradigm for this time of awakening for all souls alive on Mother Earth at this time.  The theme that gracefully emerged, with little effort on our parts, was the collective desire to be of service, to assist humanity in awareness and movement towards a deeper place of healing and peace.  Varying skills and backgrounds, yet all the same basic desire, surely this must be the orchestration of a power much greater than ourselves, bringing us together and flowing so easily like a river makes it way to the sea, each being just a little bit closer to realigning with its Divine purpose.  I think so!

Even now, several days later, my heart feels lighter, encouraged and hopeful, remembering our morning together, sharing what seems to be the same vision and dream.  Truly this is bliss and peace, to have stopped in the busy-ness of our lives to simply think and ponder together a new path, a fresh focus for us all.  Perhaps the universe is smiling now, happy that we three re-ignighted the flame of light that has been resting so patiently in our hearts, smiling as we slowly awaken from the slumber, scratching our heads and asking “what now?”.

I believe so – what a gift I was given that day!

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  1. A joy to read about being transported to that space within where the universe speaks. A joy to read about listening with heart. Thank you for sharing a reminder of the power of connection. Sat Nam sister. Love to you dear one. : )

  2. Little sister says:

    So beautiful, encouraging, and enlightening this amazing journey is for each and every one of us in its own special way. You so eloquently capture its essence with your gift of words. Thank you, Sister Siri Ravi Kaur!

    With Infinite Light and gratitude,

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