The Healing Peace Place

Cher Mang
(Siri Ravi Kaur)
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

Why I Use Crystals

CrystalsIt was during my Reiki I class that I was introduced to the crystal world.  Until that time, I had not really ever seen or noticed a crystal.  As we began to work with them during the training, my love and appreciation for the crystal realm awakened and grew leaps and bounds.

I began to become aware of the life in each crystal and to understand they are as alive as I am.  With practice, I began to sense their connection and place as energy.  As I quietly listened, I could hear them speak to me.  They have come from Mother Earth and they bring with them the ability to enhance our awareness and lives, if we will take the time to listen.  I hold the crystal world in the greatest love, respect and gratitude.

The crystals come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes, and it is humbling to be in the presence of them.  I use them in my Reiki/Spiritual work for the greater good of whatever or whomever I am working with at the time.  Many books exist with great information about crystals, their makeup, their properties and how to use them to enhance your life (see my references below).  Of course, simply sitting with a crystal and becoming aware of it and the treasures it holds can often be the greatest teacher of all.

I appreciate the crystals and the elevating and amplifying energy they bring to my work.  It is like having a dear friend assist you on a project.  Being from the Earth, they carry within them the sweet, pure essence of Gaia herself – standing “at the ready” to assist when called upon.  I call upon them often, with deep respect and gratitude.

About Crystals:

They are an ancient tool for healing & transformation

They help decrease stress and remove blocks

They transmit energy – neutralizing negative energy, encouraging a flow of more positive energy

They create a feeling of peace and harmony

They elevate vibrations and awareness


Crystal Book References:

The Illustrated Guide to Crystals – Judy Hall

The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall

Crystal Therapy – Doreen Virtue, Judith Lukomski