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Cher Mang
(Siri Ravi Kaur)
Spiritual Channel & Teacher

Winter Solstice Message

imageDear Ones,

Winter Solstice comes to us this year on Monday, December 21 at 8:48PM PST.  Winter Solstice is a gift to us from the Universe.  It is a sweet, spiritual gift in that it brings us the opportunity for deep growth and transformation.  Truly, there is no gift greater than the love that encourages the evolution of our soul.

During a solstice, the energy of our sacred brother, Timet the sun, is magnetically favorable to reset direction.  The sun stands still, and during Winter Solstice, the sun comes to the lowest point in the sky.  This brings upon our blessed Mother Earth the shortest day and the longest night.

The Winter Solstice symbolizes the rebirth of the sun or light, and the rebirth of our hope and goodwill.  This time becomes a celebration of refreshment and rebirth of the spirit, of emergence of light from the darkness.  At this time, outdated ways of thinking and behavior are more easily released, and the new light infuses the mind and spirit with the illumination of a new and better way.  Releasing the old patterns of behavior and thinking that no longer serve the greatest good, allows the space to be opened up and filed with a deeper peace and purpose, giving an opportunity for the authentic self and soul to shine more brightly.

I encourage you, for the benefit of yourself, loved ones, and our sacred Mother Earth and Universe, to pause at some point during Winter Solstice and become aware, better understand your place in the Divine plan and how each impacts each, all impacts all.  Vow to bring more light into your being, which will then begin to radiate to the planet and all beings.  Call upon this magnetic energy of the sun to assist you in releasing thoughts, actions, behaviors, even words or phrases, that keep you from shining as brilliantly as is the Divine plan.

Some ways to accomplish this are to spend peaceful time in nature, perhaps near a body of water or near a fire.  On a piece of paper, list anything in your life that you would like to release, and give that list the intention of it being removed.  Also, write what you would like to see in your life as a change or shift for the good and visualize the light being ushered in.  These lists can then be buried or burned in a sacred fire, or even tucked in a wooden box for later reflection.

Whatever you decide, please do it!  Please do what resonates with you to be part of the growing shift that is quietly assisting us all.  Remember, come with pure, sweet intention for the highest good for all, and most of all, come with profound gratitude in the depth of your heart for this chance to make a change, a difference for yourself and perhaps the Universe.

Humbly Yours in Peace & Light, Cher

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