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Cher Mang
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Human energy body, aura, chakra, energy

Your Body is Your Temple

Human energy body, aura, chakra, energyFollowing a recent trip back to Ohio to visit family & friends, I got sick, really sick.  The night after I flew home, I woke up in the middle of the night with violent nausea and vomiting.  It seemed to come out of nowhere, suddenly.  The day before, I felt a little tired as I tried to get back tot he swing of things, but I chalked that up to jet lag and all the festivities & visiting we had done in Ohio.

In the darkness of 12:30am, with despicable and unspeakable fluids exiting my body at opposite ends, simultaneously and uncontrollably, I knew this was no jet lag, at least none I had ever experienced before.  Very quickly, more symptoms began to surface, treating me to an unforgettable night – nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, body aches and headache – all collided within my sweet 5′ 3″ body like there was an emergency meeting no one had mentioned to me.  How could things go sour so quickly?  Even trying to manage all these symptoms and the physicality of uncontrollably doing more than one thing at one time (and you all know what I am talking about here), is like a massive engineering feat.  It takes some planning to figure out the best way to handle it all, yet I had no time to plan for anything.  Instead, I must just let go and go with the flow, literally!  Time to give it up sister, and so I did.

I laid in bed the first couple of days sipping the always-comforting gingerale and coconut water and nibbling on one teeny weeny square of a saltine cracker like I was a mouse.  Sleep came easily and more readily than normal.  My body demanded the rest and the sleep, and I could not fight it.  In the days to follow, each little sign of improvement was treated as a gigantic victory in my mind, my precious mind, which kept me company and obsessed about getting enough fluids in me to avoid a run to the ER.  My mind, an over-worked and under-appreciated part of me, saying “Am I getting better?”, “Are you sure?”, “Am I drinking enough?”, “Are you sure?”, “Should I try to get to the doctor, the ER, the moon?”. . . SHEESH!  Stop poor little mind, stop and take a break the way the body has had to.  My mind, however, kept going, no surprise to me or those close to me.  Thinking, thinking, thinking, down the road, in the future, kept me moving along with healing foremost on the horizon.  So for my mind, I am very grateful.

With each step towards recharging, the tide of gratitude slowly began to include my poor ravaged physical body.  This sweet, sweet body fought so hard and worked so hard to get me back to my activities of daily living.  I began to imagine all the body systems joining together as one for my highest good, each bringing their gifts that, together, would help me to fight and beat this invading foreigner to my being.

What a miracle, what a gift this body is, a true engineering accomplishment of the highest caliber!!!  Except for 2 Tylenol to ease the pounding headache, my body was slowly winning this battle on its own, for me.  Amazing how you can go from a porcelain-hugging existence to pretty much back to yourself, save for extra tiredness, in a week.  A miracle that should be shouted from the roof tops and written about in the Journal of Life.  Even now, it humbles me to tears of the little part my awake conscious self played in this – how, instead, the physical body danced with the Universe to grace me with recovery this time.

So, I say to you, let’s brace ourselves as cold & flu season is upon us.  Let us all remember these sacred temples we were given to journey in during this lifetime.  Let’s remember to take care of this dear temple, so when the challenge comes, it is ready to fight for us.  Eat healthy, fresh food that resonates with you, organic as much as possible.  Let the fluids of the body be bathed in fresh water as your choice of drink, cleansing and helping to clean toxins.  Exercise as much as we can, rest from time to time, even pausing just to look at the clouds. . . and sleep, dear sweet sleep!  I don’t care what anyone says, the older I get, I still need 8 hours of sleep.  I admit it & I like it.  Lastly, remember to play, alot!  Play is our time for laughter & joy & friendship – surely moving us towards more balanced inner systems.

Listen to your mind, it truly does know what is best for you.  Allow the gratitude to flow freely from your sweet, precious body, the shiny temple you have the honor of walking around in.  The body is the gift of all gifts, cherish it!


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  1. Rona jasionowski says:

    Thanks Cher for sharing. It did make me realize your body is a temple and you must take care of it in so many ways. I need to have more self control to take better care of myself.

  2. Chris Vaught says:

    Cheryl, I’m so sorry. Hope you are feeling better!

    Take care. Becky’s sister Chris

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